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A Place of Peace and Tranquility

The Hospital Chapel is a quiet place for reflection that is enhanced by the luminous beauty of the stained glass windows and a stately main altar.

The Chapel’s entrance is in a comforting alcove at the end of the Administrative Hallway to the left of the Maple Street Lobby.

Pastoral Care Services

The Healing Garden

The Chapel Cam broadcasts live from the Chapel. View the Chapel Cam on Channel 22 on televisions throughout the hospital.

Monday | No Mass
Tuesday | 11:30 am
Wednesday | 11:30 am
Thursday | 11:30 am
Friday | 11:30 am
Saturday | 7:30 pm
Sunday | 11:30 am

Chapel schedules are posted in the Chapel alcove.


Chapel Parking

Visitors wishing to utilize our Chapel may park in the visitor parking to the east of the hospital off of Maple Street and enter through the Lobby doors.