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With the HMR Program, there is an option for everyone. HSHS St. Anthony’s Weight Management has four different HMR diet options to choose from, offering both in-clinic and at home programs. Each plan allows you to take a break from your current eating habits to focus on losing weight while always giving you the option to eat more if you feel hungry.

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Weight loss in any of the programs offered is dependent on: dedication (how closely you follow the program), starting weight, amount of physical activity, age, and gender. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds or 100 pounds, our staff will help you decide which program is best for YOU.


Decision-Free™ Diet

This in-clinic option is the diet recommended for most individuals who choose to enroll in the HMR Program. It is the most structured and produces the fastest weight loss.  Average weight loss for individuals on this diet is 43-66lbs in 12-26 weeks.  This diet uses a simple 3+2 structure of HMR foods ONLY.   Each day you’ll eat a minimum of 3 HMR Shakes and 2 HMR Entrees, therefore no other food purchases are necessary while in Phase 1 of the diet. Medical supervision is provided on an as needed basis.


Healthy Solutions™ Diet

This is the second in-clinic option and includes all HMR food products PLUS fruits and vegetables! Similar to the Decision-Free™ Diet, individuals who choose this option will also not consume any other calories from eating or drinking. Each day you’ll simply eat a minimum of 3 HMR Shakes, 2 HMR Entrees, and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Although there is an initial medical appointment required for this plan, most individuals that choose this option will require no further medical supervision (exceptions include individuals with diabetes or those on certain medications to be reviewed by the medical supervisor).  Weight loss is a little slower with this option, but it is still VERY structured and you will lose weight!  Average weight loss for individuals on the Healthy Solutions™ Diet is 28-37.5lbs in 12-26 weeks.


Healthy Solutions at Home

This is an at-home option offered by the HMR program.  Just like the Healthy Solutions in-clinic option, this diet follows an easy 3+2+5 structure of HMR shake, HMR entrees, and fruits/vegetables.  This program is recommended for those who cannot commit to attending classes weekly with the health educator due to busy schedules or distance.  All products are delivered to your door step and phone coaching/support is available. The average weight loss for the Healthy Solutions at Home diet is 23lbs at 12 weeks with phone support (13lbs at 12 weeks without phone coaching).


Healthy Shakes at Home**

The fourth and final option for the HMR program is another at-home option. The Healthy Shakes at Home diet is a self-guided weight-loss program that offers flexible eating option for dieters who prefer to choose their own foods. This is the ideal plan for DIYers who just need the tools to get the job done.

This program follows a 3+5+1 structure which includes 3 HMR shakes, 5 fruits and vegetables, and one healthy meal of your choice daily. You plan, prepare, and cook the healthy meal on your own using HMR guides and strategies, giving you the flexibility to decide exactly what’s on the menu each and every day.

Similar to the Healthy Solutions at Home option, this program is recommended for those who cannot commit to attending classes weekly with the health educator due to busy schedules or distance. All products are delivered to your door step.

**Eligibility requirements do apply for “at Home” programs

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ALL PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE A LA CARTE at the Opilka Family Wellness Center in Altamont.

Weight-loss results vary from patient to patient, and the amount of weight you lose depends on individual factors and participation.