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Continuum of Care

St. Anthony’s wants your joint replacement surgery to be a successful experience so that you can get back to normal activity and enjoy life without joint discomfort.

In order to give you the best possible experience, we start with education. The Bone & Joint class arms you with information so that you can focus on your recovery after surgery.

After surgery, our Orthopedic Care department is designed for a comfortable recovery. It features private rooms and a physical therapy area.

Once discharged your physician may order outpatient physical therapy. St. Anthony's Physical Rehabilitation Department has a well trained staff of physical therapists who specialize in post op joint replacement of the knee and hip.

HSHS Home Care Southern Illinois offers skilled healthcare to patients in their homes. You must have a physician’s recommendation to receive Home Care. The physician evaluates your condition and a treatment plan is established.

The Bone & Joint program’s class nurses will follow-up with you in four to six weeks after surgery. They can answer questions you may have about your new joint after you have been home for awhile, such as exercise and care of the joint.