Convenient Care vs. Emergency Care

Not all health problems call for a visit to the ER, in fact, many issues that bring people to emergency care can be resolved at a convenient care location or with your regular doctor.

Select the right level of care for the symptoms and situation.
Walk-In Convenient Care clinic
for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses when your doctor is not available.
Emergency Care
for life threatening injuries and illnesses
Consider convenient care for:
Allergies (seasonal)
Mild to moderate asthma
Cold & flu symptoms
Broken fingers and toes
Minor cuts
Eye infections
Rashes & minor burns
Sinus infections
Other minor infections
Sore throats & coughs
Sprains and strains
Urinary tract infections
Vomiting and diarrhea
Seek emergency care for:
Chest pain
Difficulty breathing
Foreign objects in the eye
Head injuries
Allergic Reactions
Severe bleeding
Obvious broken bones
Loss of consciousness
Change in mental state
Severe bleeding
Severe abdominal pain
Sudden paralysis or slurred speech
Anything related to pregnancy