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Go! Think Before You Drink


The information below may be used as a lesson plan to educate your child(ren). This program is designed for younger children. The purpose of this information is to educate and instill habits that lead to increased physical activity levels and teach valuable nutritional lessons that your child can use throughout their lives.

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Where else do we get sugar from?

We do not only get sugar from foods we eat. Can you guess what else we get sugar from?


What are some of your favorite drinks? Ask your child for examples.

Let's talk about nutrition and what you drink every day.

  • Calories in drinks are not hidden (they’re listed on the nutrition label), but many people don’t realize just how many calories beverages can contribute to their daily calorie intake.

  • A major source of added sugar in our diet comes from soda, energy and sports drinks.

  • Sugar-sweetened beverages provide excess calories and few other nutrients to your diet. These drinks include caffeine, added sugar and other food additives.