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Go! Exercise.

The information provided here may be used as a lesson plan to educate your child(ren). This program is designed for younger children. The purpose of this information is to educate and instill habits that lead to increased physical activity levels and teach valuable nutritional lessons that your child can use throughout their lives.

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Exercise is Cool!

Children exercise all the time without even thinking of it. Just being active, for example when you run around outside or play kickball at school, are types of exercise. What else counts as exercise?
  • Playing sports
  • Dancing
  • Push-ups
  • Even Toe Touches!
When you exercise, you are helping build a strong body. Try to be active every day and your body will thank you later!

Exercise Makes Your Heart Happy

Your heart is a muscle. It works hard, pumping blood every day of your life. You can help this important muscle get stronger by doing aerobic (say: air-OH-bik) exercise.


Exercise Activies